While Aesha has had a number of ups and downs on her road to a new life; she is determined to fight back and live a normal life. She's currently living in Maryland with the Arsala family, a family of her choosing. Being in the Arsala household, Aesha is learning first-hand how to give and receive love. Smiling and singing as she walks about the house, she feels right at home with Arsala's.  







Arriving in America illiterate in her native language has made learning the English language very difficult. However, since arriving in the United States she is now learning to speak and understand the English language. She is currently attending a weekly English as a Second Language (ESL) course. Her preference would be to attend a class that met more than once a week. However, her real wish is to be a part of a traditional school setting, something she was denied growing up. At age 22, she is educationally equivalent to a 2nd grader, thus, making private tutoring the only viable option for obtaining the education she eagerly desires. Her goal is to one day become a police officer and she’s making  great strides to get there. Aesha feels that being a police officer will allow her to a spokesperson for this type of abuse and protect women from domestic violence.

Beginning in mid-June, Aesha will finally have the first of six reconstructive surgeries. This is something she’s been waiting on since her arrival in the United States. Over the next 18 months, Aehsa will undergo a total of six surgeries to repair the damages she received. She’s sure she will have both good and bad days during this process, as it is sure to stir up memories she’s tried hard to suppress and get past. During this time, she plans to keep herself engrossed in her studies. She even hopes that she will be able to continue attending the ESL classes if the bruising from the surgery isn’t too bad. When not studying, Aesha plans to make jewelry, a craft she learned while in jail. She’d like to begin using her skills to make jewelry that can eventually be sold at local craft fairs and online. This she considers to be a big step toward gaining her independence and living a normal twenty-something lifestyle.