At age 22, many young women living in the United States are spending their time, dreaming about college graduation, getting engaged or just enjoying time with friends and family before they enter the real world.  For Aesha Mohammadazi, at age 22, she has been through more than her share of trials and tribulations. 

Aesha's mother died when Aesha was a very young child and years later as a teenager she was given away for marriage by her father.  However, Aesha's marriage was no fairy tale. She was given up for marriage as a peace offering to a family who had been wronged by Aesha’s uncle.

While part of this family, Aesha experienced much abuse and was not allowed to attend school; prompting her to run away.  In the United States we commend women that have the courage to run away from an abusive relationship; for Aesha, this is where her nightmare begins.  As punishment for running away from her husband’s house, the government sentenced her to 5 months in jail.  After being released from jail, she was returned to her father. However, her in-laws insisted the father return her to their house because she still belonged to them.  Aesha’s in-laws were unsatisfied with the 5 month jail sentence, feeling it was not sufficient for the shame she brought the family by running away. They then  decided to take matters into their own hands and brutally cut off her ears and nose and Aesha was left on the mountain to die. 

See CNN for the complete story.


 This website was created to give Aesha a voice; to let her tell her story. Through this website she will share with you her journey to overcoming. Please continue to visit the website frequently, as we share her story of how she’s fighting to overcome and get to normal. Her hope is that this site will inspire other women living in violent situations to summon up the strength to break free.

“Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering.”
― Santosh Kalwar